In Chapa Global Contracting Inc. we offer the entire service from the application process for the H-2A Visas, recruiting personal needed, the complete transportation for employees based on the requirements from the DOL (Department of Labor), on and off-site management, and payroll services.

  • Free housing for H-2A workers when they are unable to return to their homes for a seasonal period of time. The housing that they are provided with must comply with a specific certification from the DOL which requires it to have certain standards and be inspected and approved by the State Workforce Agency to make sure the housing is safe.
  • Provide workers with their, Workers Compensation Insurance Coverage.
  • Provide three meals per day to each worker which is reimbursed depending on the federally specified daily limit or free cooking facilities where they can prepare their own meals per day.
  • Pay the workers their round-trip travel costs from the moment they leave their local city until they return home once the contract is complete.
  • Guarantee to pay wages at least the federal minimum wage and complete ¾ of the overall contract period
  • We will provide all the safety equipment and tools needed to perform the task assigned
  • Local transportation from the housing to the job cite and also from the housing to the store to buy hygiene necessities and groceries if needed.
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